• Adventures in Senseless Shit: 'Making Slavery Work' Edition.

    After the previous post investigated the veiled cowardice of the "Stuff Black People Don't Like" crowd, I made the mistake of following a link to a post on "E Tu Detroit?," one which edges that much closer to the abyss of outright bigotry in the pursuit of color-aroused Collapse Fetishism.

    For instance, I thought it was impossible (or just very, very difficult) to seemlessly mix a jab at libertarians with the cool advocacy of an institution rendered obsolete by legislative fiat and migration of free market labor to the better paying factories of the north:

    Amazingly, there are still libertarians who believe that free labor is superior to slave labor in a multiracial society. How is free labor working out in Detroit? If Detroit were run like a Southern plantation, it would actually work.

    I have a hard time conceptualizing what Detroit would look like if such an socioeconomic system was revived and put into place. Well, you have the rapidly multiplying open spaces that could be converted into farmland, and scores of "lazy, welfare sucking" blacks who could be forcibly pressed into labor for the benefit of a largely white populace. Oh yes, I do believe blacks would either riot at the idea of being smoothly slotted back into their original roles as bonded labor or they would up and leave, thus returning the city back to a white majority, as it should have been according to the ETD crowd.

    Unfortunately, that would mean Detroit would have to be a largely agrarian city whose chief export would be crops that could grow that far north, in that kind of climate, and to other states and possibly Canada, unless the Canadians enact sanctions over what they would (rightfully) see as revived slave labor.

    It's interesting to see these folks return to a failed economic system that was the lifeblood of a failed separatist nation like a dog returning to its vomit. A failed separatist nation whose people and their descendants nursed a fierce grudge that managed to contaminate the entire United States with its bile and disease. But I digress...

    Reliably, its the commentators who end up pushing the entire shebang right off the precipice:

    Detroit was a true Shining City On A Hill that came to be through the labors of the White people who created its industrial base.

    Fifty years of cannibals and the lefties who imported them turned the Motor City into the decaying ruins that you can see in the Tour of Detroit videos on youtube. Compare the shithole in those videos to the pictures of Detroit that can be viewed at http://www.shorpy.com/ to understand my hatred of niggers and lefties.

    And there we go.

    Finally, someone who's somewhat honest about the situation. He hates "niggers" and lefties, but not because he just does thanks to constant indoctrination at the hands of Alabama crackers and reinforced confirmation bias through his experiences in Detroit. Instead, he cops out once more by using Detroit's misfortunes and his front-row seat to its decline as a rationale for hating "niggers" and lefties.

    If you ask this man why he hates "niggers," he'll give you all the reasons and rationale in the world, but he will never say outright "I hate niggers because I just hate em'. I hate they way they look, smell, talk, etc. I hate how they think they can be just like us, but they're not. They're niggers, and they need to behave that way." A serious, devastating case of Extreme Color-Aroused Disorder (ECAD) coupled with extreme "othering," both reinforced by parentage, media and environment.

    The comment below the above blockquoted on the blog goes with the flow, but it stops there. No one else is willing to participate in slinging the N-word around in a cathartic euphoria.

    Meanwhile, something that vaguely resembles sanity:

    While I enjoy your critiques of BRA I certainly don’t think there was anything good about slavery. You may have gone all the way back to embracing the “peculular institution” in your neoConfederate musings, but if so you’ve crossed a bridge too far.

    It was Christians who championed it’s end out of their view of the inherent rights of man. I don’ t think the entire arc of history since the enlightenment can or should be thrown out just because of the idiots on World Star Hip Hop.

    That would clearly be a case of throwing the baby out with the bathwater. We can certainly re-establish a well ordered society without returning to the social organizational models of the early 19th century.

    And so the commentators switch tactics:

    The abolition of the presumption of the existence of slavery has done massive harm to Western culture. It has overtaken nearly every other presumption, including the presumption of innocence. In the broad sense, it goes like this:

    1. Slavery is the worst thing on the planet for which every white person is guilty.
    2. Every slavish impulse to anything must be fought as a possible gateway to more white guilt.
    3. We therefore must be slave to nothing.
    4. We will therefore fall for anything.
    5. Which has made us slaves.

    So abolishing slavery was a bad move because it went on to taint the entirety of white America with an original sin of sorts, one that was earned since most either actively supported the peculiar institution in some way or simply ignored it. Slavery was finally abolished as it represented an affront to the ideals of this very nation and those of the major tenets upon which Western culture claimed to be built upon.

    Look around you. Slavery happens. The sin is not in being a slave or in being a slave owner. The sin is in being a bad slave owner.

    Not only is this a call to excuse slavery, since "it happens anyway" in some way, shape or form (white sexual slavery presumably included), but also a call to approve and support slavery, just so long as you are a "good slave owner." I suppose this means feeding your slaves the semi-good parts of the hog every once in a while, just so they remember how good you are to them.

    As hard as it is to believe today, blacks used to be capable of creating great wealth in the South, the Caribbean, and elsewhere in Brazil and other parts of South America. Haiti used to be richest colony in the New World. The West Indies were far more valuable to Britian than New England.

    As slaves. Without any chance of capitalizing on said wealth, as it all went into the hands of their European masters. Without wealth, there wasn't much places like Haiti could do, unless they wanted to willingly return to being the "human batteries" from which the "electric" wealth was generated and sucked out to support a greater infrastructure that didn't include them, like an early-1800s Matrix. The Europeans couldn't allow a place like Haiti to make its own way and generate its own wealth, so it was strangled in its crib by constant foreign intervention and a long line of Western-picked strongmen who were either corrupt, incompetent or both.

    At this point, a certain Hunter Wallace punctuates what he firmly believes to be an unassailable truth:

    Slavery worked. Freedom failed.

    If the GOP could use that line without irony or backlash to further indoctrinate their supporters and satiate their lust for color-arousal, they would. "1984" meets "Animal Farm" in a head-on collision, and the bodies are flying everywhere.

    These people are cowards of a slightly different variation. Instead of being unable to admit they simply want blacks gone from all quarters of the government and put back "in their place" as the pack mules and whipping boys of a nice, orderly, majority-white society, some of these people, Hunter Wallace especially, can't gin up the stones to admit they'd like to see the Confederacy come back in full force, with all of the idealized and glamorized Hollywood-grade genteelness and social graces, the large, pearl-white plantations that once stood as an monument to Southern wealth and power, and a healthy, pliant black labor pool whose sole function is to allow their white plantation masters to profit from their sweat and blood without complaint, lest such complaints be quelled by the lash. I wonder if such discipline is part and parcel with being a good slave owner.

    But the Confederacy is dead. And like Ta-Nehisi Coates, I dare not shed a solitary tear for its deserved passing. Attempts to bring any portion of it back are akin to bringing a man back from the dead, only to have his zombiefied corpse lurching from hither and yon, filling the landscape with a foul stench and disused, desiccated body parts as it staggers directionless, with no where to go but to the ground where it deserved to lay, undisturbed until the end of time.