• Adventures In Senseless Shit: Tone-Deaf Politician Edition.

    See folks, there's a good reason why we see Republicans as insensitive, out-of-touch assholes who are only concerned with what they can get out of their constituency and what they can kick back to their favored friends, partners and cronies.

    Behold, Clark Durant, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate and, by his own words, "Debbie Stabenow's worst nightmare." Doesn't he know he has to get past Pete Hoekstra, first?

    In regards to the Occupy Wall Street movement, Durant said the protesters should “go find a job.” In regards to the wealth gap the movement decries, Durant said, “I think it should be wider.”

    The people out there in Zuccotti Park, on the streets of Oakland and elsewhere would very much like to get a job, especially one that allows them to take care of themselves and their families. But the job prospects for ordinary Americans aren't looking so good, and the few jobs that are available don't pay enough for Americans to survive. It doesn't help that your your fellow Republicans are doing their best to hamstring job creation, Clark.

    But you don't really care about any of these things. Not your problem, since you're safely on the other side of that wealth gap. After all, you're just a career politician who fancies himself to be "outside politics." I guess that'll get the hearts and minds of the low-information voters who see a new name and automatically think he's the new kid in town.