• Silenced By Consensus.

    Here's a PROTIP: If a famous Civil Rights activist wants to speak at your political protest assembly, you should let him speak, especially if you want to expand further support for your cause.

    The last thing you should do is bottle him up by spending several minutes deliberating on granting him the right to speak, until he walks off in disbelief.

    Between the creepy protest facilitator, creepier "call and response" and the shocking amount of passive-aggressive disrespect for the congressman and Civil Rights icon, I'm at a loss for words.

    There's a portion at the end where Rep. Lewis was briefly interviewed, but it's cut off before he starts speaking. If anyone has a full video of this (because I've scoured YouTube for other vids and came up empty), let me know.

    EDIT: Thanks to Holise Cleveland III and the Atlanta Heat, I was able to find the following interview of Rep. John Lewis post-assembly.

    EDIT: Normally, once a blog post is published, it's left alone after 30 minutes or so passes, warts and all. The original title, "Silenced By Occupying Forces," didn't reflect the subject matter at hand with the accuracy and clarity I aimed for, so it had to go. Apologies to anyone who viewed this before this change was made.