• Troy Davis Denied Clemency.

    "He's guilty," Joan MacPhail-Harris, the widow of the Savannah cop who Davis was convicted of killing, told reporters Monday before the board announced its decision. "We need to go ahead and execute him."

    The above speaks to the emotional pain felt by a woman who had lost the love of her life so many years ago. Others may say it speaks to the bloodlust many people get when retributive justice is involved. Either way, Troy Davis is fucked. Tomorrow, he will no longer be on this mortal coil with us and we'll all have to deal with the aftermath of justice perverted.

    one less sub human on earth draining our system good ridance too this dirtbag #$%$ cop killer how about his family and other people family this guy has ruined their life we need more public death to detor this problem of crime on humanity
    Just let him out,,, he wont do it again, he promisies!!!

    You have to wonder if the above assholes would feel the same way if it were their loved ones being put to death by the state.

    Of course not. After all, they're assholes. Assholes don't feel a thing unless it affects them and theirs.