• Meanwhile...

    - It's good to see the "Occupying Wall Street" movement going on strong, even though I have the distinct feeling it will peter out at some point and die with a whimper. I hope it spreads to other cities -- people need to let it be known they won't tolerate being drained and discarded for financial and political gain.

    Not everyone's supportive of "Occupying Wall Street." This fucking guy or gal thinks they're all "a bunch of spoiled brats":

    This bunch ought to get down on their knees in thanks that America's capitalist Founding Fathers saw fit to protect the privileges of the dumb and obnoxious along with everyone else.

    They should also salute the NYPD and all its officers for paying diligent attention to ensuring that peace and harmony reign in their daze of rage. But no.

    Blindly directed pseudo-patriotism and an equally blind subservience to authority, no matter how brusque that authority can be. No name on the op-ed piece, but the tone of it suggests someone who likes their brew in bags, if you get my drift.

    - I guess all of the "SUPPORT ARE TROOPS" rhetoric goes out the window when it comes to GLBT servicemen. It really showed how classless the Tea Swillers can be. And the President wasn't about to stand for any of it.

    Some people are wondering why Obama can't be that impassioned when it comes to standing up for the black community. And others are wondering if Obama would tell any other group to essentially "stop bitching and sack up" like he told the CBC.

    - For those who think the anonymity of the Internet is ironclad, read this. Saying the ongoing drug wars in Mexico are "out of control" would be the understatement to end all understatements.

    - The Department of Homeland Security is scheduled to move its headquarters into the western campus of St. Elizabeth's Hospital. There's a metaphor in there, somewhere, I know it.

    - The way things are going, most sex offender listings won't be worth much. Not when 16-year-olds and guys like these are being thrown on the list. Once you're on that list, it's pretty much "Game Over" as far as your career and livelihood is concerned.

    Stay safe out there. It's not just the meat and pork that's killing folks -- it's the gatdamned fruit, too.