• Pause.

    Some of you may have seen the story of Mickey Gotwalt making the news rounds. The 52-year-old softball coach from Michigan was recently convicted of criminal sexual conduct with a 14-year-old over a three-month period. But while reading the L.A. Times story, the following jumped out at me:

    Thomas Warda said at the sentencing hearing for Mickey Gotwalt, 52, that his client "didn't kill this girl," according to a court transcript obtained by the Saginaw News. 
    "I mean this isn't — I don't think she's gonna have psychological injury the rest of her life," Warda said Thursday. "I mean he'll be in prison, but, you know, she'll have forgotten all about this at some point."

    I doubt that, Tommy. My first instinct was to create a portal through my laptop monitor and travel to the exact time and space you made this rather insensitive comment and drop-kick the living shit out of you, Liu Kang style. An out-of-state criminal record and a long, slow Greyhound ride back south wouldn't be worth the trouble.

    Your client didn't kill this girl physically, but mentally and emotionally? She'll have to deal with this crap for the rest of her life. At least the judge had his head on his shoulders:

    "The victim of this offense will be impacted the rest of her life. This just doesn't go away," Joslyn said, according to the transcript.