• Bitcoin.

    After months of following the Bitcoin saga, I still don't get what the big deal is about it. To me, it's cryptography willed into electronic currency by a bunch of people in search of a tech-driven way to fulfill libertarian principle while sticking it to the IRS and financial institutions everywhere. Meanwhile, Mt. Gox somehow went from trading Magic the Gathering gaming cards online to trading said electronic currency. It's all volatile as hell and if you weren't in it before everyone rushed in for a quick buck, you'll wind up spending thousands of dollars in equipment and utility costs just to extract a few hundred in e-coins that you can't even exchange for fiat currency properly.

    So it was no surprise to me when the entire thing looked like it was going up in smoke. Bitcoin just seemed to have "ponzi scheme" written all over it.

    And despite a number of people and stores taking Bitcoin, I highly doubt it's gonna be the wave of the future as far as currency's concerned, but then again, that's just the natural-born cynic in me.

    As a side-note, Dogecoin is just downright adorable. So coin.