• The True Face Of The 'Thug Life'.

    Last time on Adventures In Senseless Shit, yours truly brought to you the story of a little boy who, encouraged by relatives, played up to the "gangster/trapper/thug" archetype instead of doing something kids his age usually do, like yank cats around by their tails or smear nail polish all over the new loveseat and recliner set, nevermind the plastic's still on it and everything.

    Thanks to the power of Facebook, video camera technology and a few of Omaha, Nebraska's finest, he became the poster child of all that's perpetually wrong with the black community, young black males especially. The boys in blue caught a lot of flak behind that and rightfully so. Feigning sincere concern to showcase "proof" of black thuggishness and validate your own prejudices in the process has always been a bit of a dick move.

    What I wasn't looking for was this nonsense from Crystal Wright:

    Maybe if blacks would stop killing each other, having babies out of wedlock and basically acting like thugs, people wouldn’t call them thugs.

    In a bold move to show residents, the pathology of violence they encounter and who is perpetrating the crimes, the Omaha Police Officers Association posted a video of a “local black thug” spewing profanity, sexual and violent laced language at a toddler.

    Mr. Thug was so proud of his video masterpiece, he posted it on Facebook and his black friends cheered him on.

    Liberals and some liberal blacks have expressed disdain for the Omaha police in posting the video, claiming it stereotypes blacks and the man’s behavior is an anomaly. But the opposite is true. In DC where I currently live and witness frequently uneducated blacks calling each other and their children the same sorts of heinous names.

    I have never seen white people talk to each other this way, much less their children. While black activists and liberals can try to pretend, we all know hip hop and rap glorify and extol this exact thug culture, using the very same offensive words in their music. So let’s stop pretending.

    Crystal, let's stop pretending you have the good interests of black folks at heart. We know you're just doing this whole Stepin' Fetchit routine for the big bucks, fanfare and connections. This formulaic recycling of the usual conservative arguments about blacks and black thugdom might impress your paymasters and send tingles up the spines of the unreconstructed, but just isn't gonna cut it with the rest of us today.

    So Crystal goes on to tell us that the truth isn't politically correct, which segues into the big whopper of the day:

    The ugly truth is blacks, who represent a mere 13% of the population, are committing most of the violent crimes in America and 55% of federal prisoners are black. About 54% of all homicides are murders of blacks and according to the Justice Department data from 1980 to 2008, “blacks were six times more likely than whites to be homicide victims and seven times more likely than whites to commit homicide.”

    I have a love/hate relationship with the FBI/DOJ data. I love it because of how it lets the unreconstructed lay down a distorted version of "the truth" with remarkable ease. I hate it because it takes too damn long to correct that bit of statistical malpractice and keep a captive audience. Even Tim Wise can't cut it down to a succinct, salient point that single-handedly blows the above out of the water.

    I could say the stats are bullshit, because they are. But then I'd just be accused of being in denial.

    To be honest, the true face of the thug life isn't a little kid who knows only what he's taught or any number of random black males who fit the broad description of a "thug."

    Take a look at the above photo. That's the true face of the thug life.

    Hear me out on this. She's a ride-or-die chick with the conservative clique who's not afraid to put a cap in the collective ass of an entire community to get her program over with. With this drive-by piece, she unloaded the race realist gat and sprayed hot hollow-point bile all over the block for her conservative homies. Now that's some real gangster-ass shit.