• The Man Reflects On 2013 And The State Of DDSS.

    I read somewhere that roughly 95 percent of blogs wind up abandoned after a short span of time. Sometimes, I feel as though this place is on the verge of abandonment. Not saying that DDSS is done for, but something has to be done to keep this place alive or it's gonna end up like a lot of other blogs that have been abandoned for various reasons.

    Mine? I've had a lot on my plate, as I've hinted in one of my previous updates. My day job and the never-ending struggle to maintain a reasonable standard of living for yours truly means that updates are often sparse and sporadic. The fact that DDSS is a one-man show also means that updates are often sparse and sporadic. It takes a lot of time, effort and energy to create a quality post that I feel is worthy for DDSS. Unfortunately, my day job also involves the literary arts and that also takes a lot of time, effort and energy. At the end of the day, the last thing I want to do is jump from one energy sink to another. I hate to describe DDSS that way, but there it is.

    Then there's the pace at which news travels. I realize that a ton of shit happened this year. I read it on news sites, other blogs and the good ol' Twitter feed. But it's hard to actually blog about since I simply don't have the time to actually sit down, pore over the details and offer a uniquely interesting take that passes muster for yours truly. Add on the fact that trying to absorb all of the news of the day causes information overload, which causes my brain to just lock right the hell up and suspend itself in a crippling limbo of indecisiveness and inaction.

    So between the lack of time, the Twitter/Internet ADHD/overload and my own vicious perfectionist streak, things haven't been looking so good here. Which is probably why I haven't bothered to make a rundown of all the shit that's happened in the news during the year. And that's probably why I haven't made as many updates as I should have.

    I'm not a pundit and I don't get paid for this shit (although I wish I did). I did this as an outlet and as a place where people who find what I write interesting can read it, draw their own conclusions about things and perhaps leave their own comments. If I were a professional blogger getting paid good money to blog about political and social issues, this place would be livelier. But as it stands, I do what I can whenever I have the opportunity to get it done.

    And as I've also mentioned before, I'm seriously rethinking my approach to DDSS. I still have no idea what format I should pursue or how to get it done. Suggestions are welcome. I'll do my best to maintain the Tumblr blog for short vignettes, but even that's running into the same problems as the main blog. Nevertheless, yours truly will continue to see things through and not end up like those aforementioned 95 percent of blogs.

    Although it wouldn't hurt if DDSS was whisked up to the rarefied air of the upper-crust 1 percent blogs, sans the attendant loss of principles, of course.

    By the way, Happy (soon to be) New Year.