• Too Little, Too Late.

    So, Juror B29 thinks George Zimmerman got away with murder. From the BBC via Milt Shook:

    At least one juror in the Zimmerman trial - one without a book deal and who seems relatively honest, explained in an ABC News interview why the jury felt they had no choice but to find him not guilty. The culprit, as suspected, was Florida law.

    The juror, who went by the name of "Maddy," also said Zimmerman "got away with murder".

    Maddy was the only non-white member of the six member jury, and she said the whole trial was basically a "publicity stunt.". Based on the law and the jury instructions they received, she said they couldn't find Zimmerman guilty.

    Maddy is a mother of eight who only recently moved to Florida from Chicago and there's probably a part of her that wants to move back. She said she feels as if she should apologize to Trayvon's parents.

    It's easy for yours truly to come down on Juror B29 like a ton of bricks. In spite of the tremendously flawed jury instructions, I feel there's still something she could have done if she genuinely believed in Zimmerman's guilt. From the sound of it, she was pressured into going along with Juror B37 and the rest.

    It's a bit too late to apologize to Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin for not bringing their son's killer to justice. I'm sure she thinks she feels their pain.

    She doesn't, because she can't. To say that she does is just another slap in the face out of many. That's something the family does not need.