• He's No 'Angel Of God.'

    Ta-Nehisi Coates thinks the Zimmerman jury made the right choice. Yours truly thinks the Zimmerman trial had the wrong kind of jury.

    Meanwhile, the hits keep on coming in light of Zimmerman's acquittal:

    Keep posting the "Treyvon: Angel of God" stories.

    Treyvon Martin was no saint.
    * He had a history of criminal behavior,
    * he had been suspended 3 times from school (the most recent of which for vandalism),
    * he had been kicked out of his mother's house due to his behavioral issues.
    * the prosecution went overboard to hide text messages detailing Treyvon's drug use and racist comments. (while at the same time attempting to portray Zimmerman as a racist)

    Combine the above with Treyvon's proclivity for physical violence... It was only a matter of time before Treyvon ended up dead or in prison.

    Zimmerman just made it happen faster.

    Little boy with candy my ass.

    Judging by Frankie SayRelax's posting history, he's firmly committed to the image of "Treyvon Martin" as a worthless thug of the lowest order. That would be Frankie's problem alone if not for the millions of people out there who think just like him, to varying degrees.

    Trayvon isn't alive to tell his side of the story or defend his own character against those who wish to defame him and others like him. Zimmerman's liberty is contingent on his story of defense against a so-called "thug," otherwise he would be made to account for his actions through legal means. Now all that's left is possible civil action and, if Zimmerman doesn't watch his step from here on, extralegal means of action.

    A 17-year-old doing stupid things 17-year-olds do to bolster their nonexistent "street cred" in light of the "gangster" culture propagated by mass media (post pictures of guns, brag about being handy with fists, etc.) does not make him a "dangerous thug." Of course, no one considered Eric Harris or Dylan Klebold "thugs" until it was too late.

    Nope, George Zimmerman did the world a favor by ridding it of one less "thug," at least according to our friend Frankie and those like him. The only comfort and solace that Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin have is the knowledge that not everyone thinks like Frankie. The world isn't completely filled up with assholes.