• What's Good Enough For The Magic Kingdom Is Good Enough For America.

    My conversations with Senator Rubio, he happened to share with me that Disney World uses a biometric system to ensure people do not commit ticket fraud. If they are that easy, affordable and good enough for the Magic Kingdom, they ought to be good enough for the United States. Senator Sessions’ amendment would guarantee they would not be eligible for lawful citizenship until there is a biometric entry/exit system.

    I do not know how leadership will ever do what Congress mandates them to do unless we use this trigger. It is that simple. I believe this is a constructed — constructive amendment that reaches the stated goals of protecting the United States system and making sure it is fair and workable. If we choose to ignore the 40 percent of immigration where we create a system that can be evaded, we have ignored our constituents concerns and failed to fix the problem.

    The above comes from Republican Senator John Cornyn of Texas, as he explains how Walt Disney World's biometric entry and exit systems can be easily adapted to solve the nation's illegal immigration woes. This comes after fellow Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama proposed an amendment that would do just that.

    With nearly 2000 miles of U.S.-Mexico border to look after and hundreds of border crossings along the way, insuring that no illegal immigrant manages to get through is a daunting, if effectively impossible task. Too many places where people and goods can slip through unnoticed and the will of those wanting to get into U.S. is powerful enough to overcome whatever setbacks the GOP throws in their way.

    A Disney World security system won't solve any of those problems, but at least it will keep a few contractors well-fed and the GOP's core constituency satiated until the next moral or political crisis rattles their cages. Which leads me to wonder how they plan on paying for it all. With the sequester in full swing and government agencies scrambling to do more with less, it seems a bit foolish to fund something that even by Disney's own admission wouldn't work so well:

    “It is true that Disney World used a fingerprint, and then when Disney Land went ahead to use their system they used a picture because it was better,” Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY) said.

    Still, the GOP would rather focus their energies on this than figure out a way to keep American children safe from gun violence and accidental gun discharges. Or a way to unfuck the legal immigration process. Or a way to promote economic growth throughout the continent and put a damper on drug cartel violence so people in Mexico and other countries south won't have a reason to risk life and limb to live and work in the U.S.

    By the way, Sessions' Disneyland bill wound up dead at the hands of the Senate Judicial Committee in a 12 to 6 vote.