• Writer's Block.

    It's 4:05 in the morning and I'm trying my best to flesh out a blog post on Christopher Dorner, and the only words I can think of when looking back at the entire situation is...


    Maybe it's the lack of sleep or the attendant lack of focus. Between the day job and other life events, keeping up with every bit of news that comes flying in from media outlets, Twitter and other places is a pain. In fact, it's building up one hell of a mental fog that yours truly can't seem to cut through.

    I had several blog posts lined up, but I just can't seem to get any of them put on paper*. I've even thought about taking a nice, long sabbatical until I can get rid of the fog and get my head together.

    I'll get over it at some point. For now, crawling into bed may just be the best thing to do at the moment.

    *Yeah, I know it ain't really paper, but whatever.