• Meanwhile...

    - People who want to vent displeasure at a political figure often do it by burning them in effigy. Someone in Minneapolis did it by burning a cat:

    A threat to President Obama in the form of a burned cat staked to a tree stump drew officers from several city and federal agencies to a south Minneapolis park before dawn on Monday.

    The cat's carcass in Longfellow Park was staked with a handheld American flag on a small stick, according to a federal law enforcement official. Standing next to the cat was an Obama/Biden 2012 lawn sign, the official said.

    No arrests have been made.

    On the stump along with the cat, with the flag's stick staked through its throat, were an iced tea can and a cat food tin, the federal official said. There was no note, the official added.

    - The president doesn't have to worry about lame-assed threats like the one above, as he's learned how to harness the power of the sun. Conservatives reacted by calling the president's discovery "socialist Kenyan voodoo crap" and "proof positive" that he was, somehow, the anti-Christ.

    - In an interview with American Enterprise Institute tax scholar Alan Viard, Derek Thompson ponders whether liberals are really, REALLY giving Paul Ryan a fair shake. Please have a bottle of Pepto-Bismo ready prior to reading.

    - I shouldn't be surprised Paul Ryan's brother happens to be a private equity executive, too. He also did a little work with Bain & Company, but after Mittens made his exit from the company. I'm also not surprised about big names from private equity and venture capital investment firms chipping in on the wannabe-VP's bottom line.

    - Some factories in the U.S. are finally realizing that prison labor is eating their lunch. Speaking of which, there's yet another "kids-for-cash" scandal happening in "Lawd Jesus hold meh" Mississippi. And the "Schools-to-Prison" pipeline goes on as intended.

    Last, but not least:

    And from the peanut gallery over at Current:

    You really think it is a First Amendment right to enter a place like that - most likely uninvited - and shout down a speaker? That is to be our process of discourse in our country - to scream and yell and shout down that with which we disagree? Is that what the Left is all about? Is that what the Left thinks our freedom of speech was intended for?

    I doubt Paul Ryan would have entertained this man's questions if he had simply shut up and politely waited until the end, especially since they would most likely be the wrong sort of questions to ask. That Q&A could have ended the same way. Politeness isn't something that flows freely from conservatives, yet it's expected and demanded of liberals and everyone else.