• This Is Not That Kind Of 'All White' Party.

    This past Fourth of July, the fine folks in Winfield, Alabama woke up to the handywork of their friendly neighborhood "Christian organization", that left flyers encouraging the town's white Christians to join them for a Negro-free holiday gathering full of good food, great music and plenty of pro-white propaganda.

    The City of Winfield considered issuing steep fines to Christian Identity Ministries for littering.

    Gee, I thought Christ's love didn't recognize any ethnic boundaries. Or many religious ones, at that. Then again, when your Jesus looks like this, you kinda expect him to stay on the right (or is that white?) team.

    White Jesus, as portrayed in his dressing room prior to his performance at Fred Phelps' Kansas compound.

    The city is a bit miffed. They don't want to be associated with any of this shit, and I don't blame them. The only thing that sucks more than a closeted Klansman in a Hardee's bathroom is a bunch of "Christians" using the faith as a cover for their bigoted tendencies. Speaking of which:

    According to the flier, the three-day conference, being held in a rural area, will end with a "Sacred Christian Cross Lighting Ceremony."

    Welp, at least they saved on the laundry bills. And I'm done.