• Anglo-Saxon Politics.

    While Sir Willard Milton Romney of the Massachusetts Commonwealth attempts to endear himself to the rapacious rabble in London (and fails miserably), please enjoy the following from Open Salon's Isaiah Carter, confirming what every God-fearing white American conservative fears most from the 44th President:

    [...] To most conservatives, Barack Obama is an aberration of history; a misstep that should have never been allowed to happen in a civilized society such as the United States of America, a nation that has built entire cities, towns and states on bigotry, racism and slavery. Much of the dialog amongst those of GOP persuasion has been that of how Barack Obama has to be something, anything else other than an American citizen, legally and fairly elected to the highest office of the land by a majority of the American people. There are still an alarming number, like Sheriff Joe Arpaio, devoting their entire lives to the “otherness” of Barack Obama, fully convinced in their heart of hearts that the increased melanin in his skin is the mark of a sinister, foreboding intent.

    A second Obama term would be the penultimate confirmation of the fear that every white Far Right-winger has: that this country is no longer the bastion of dominance over every other minority. The United States of America, having asked long ago for the “tired”, the “poor”, and the “huddled masses yearning to breathe free”, is becoming a nation where those “huddled masses” are becoming increasingly successful, despite attempts to undermine this reality. As Fareed Zakaria put it so beautifully in his book The Rise of the Rest, the “rise of everyone else” is in full effect, and as long as Obama remains President, he remains the most undeniable evidence of its truth.

    You can find the rest of his post here.