• Obstruction Junction, What's Your (Dys)function?

    Pardon the title, but I had "Conjunction Junction" on the brain when I started writing this post.

    Not only have the GOP blocked a bill that expands abortion access for servicewomen who are victims of sexual assault, but they've also blocked the Paycheck Fairness Act, which promised to put some teeth into the Equal Pay Act of 1963. Senate Republicans also blocked debate on whether to prevent a doubling of the current federal student loan interest rate from 3.4 percent to 6.8 percent. Members of the GOP are putting their ideological foot down in lockstep, apparently in hopes of making sure that wily Negroid in office doesn't get any more bright ideas or accolades for said ideas.

    Looking at the rampant obstructionism displayed on the right side of the political aisle, you probably can't help but wonder why they're so hell-bent on blocking bills that are set to actually improve the lives of lower and middle-class Americans. Republican supporters and fellow Fox News fans are probably wondering why their party isn't doing more to wail on those damn fucking hippies and those communist/mafia unions. Meanwhile, a growing number of Democrats are becoming so disillusioned over President Obama's administration "not doing anything" or "doing the wrong things" that they'll willing to once again hold their votes (or vote third-party) in protest. That worked pretty well back in 2010. For the Republicans. And President Mitt Romney will personally thank each and every liberal who held back his vote.*

    I would mention that the GOP has succeeded in blocking over 375 bills since October 2010, but without the exact statistics to back that claim, it isn't something anyone should rely on with certainty. Instead, here's someone who did post a small sample of the bills they've managed to block.

    All of this obstructionism is for the sole benefit of encouraging people to dispose of current President Barack Obama come November 6, 2012, so the country can "get back on track again." Which is code talk for "rolling back every gain made by Democrats and ensuring that Dems are no longer a viable political force in the U.S." Even if it leaves the country a veritable trainwreck. You know, burn the village to save it and all that.

    Meanwhile, the biggest worry on many progressives' minds is drones. Not that there's anything wrong with wanting the president to cut back on the warmongering. However, it's not worth exchanging him for another president who will not only double-down on the warmongering, but also tell you to "go fuck yourself" if you tell him to cut it out. I'm sure Mittens will say just that in a more polite manner befitting his social standing.

    *No, he won't.