• Just A Little Programming Note.

    Unlike most other blogs running on Blogger, I don't use the default commenting system it offers. Instead, I use Disqus. Not only does it discourage most of the anonymous trolls that drift from blog to blog, it also gives yours truly an effective way of dealing with those that do end up here. As a result, anyone posting a comment through Blogger's default commenting system won't see it posted on DDSS. Because it will be, by virtue of Disqus, effectively hidden.

    Speaking of hidden comments, here's one from...who else? Anonymous:

    It's sounds as though you assume the elderly man was racist. You see the colors white and black... and it just has to be huh? And what do you mean when you say "these people"? Plain and simple, this young man did not deserve losing his life!!! Not that it matters in the least, but in the news, articles, etc. the gun used was not a shotgun... if your going to blog, please get your facts straight.

    Anonymous should ask him/herself if John Henry Spooner would had acted any different if 13-year-old Darius Simmons looked just like his grandkid, if he had any. Would he have had that 9mm pistol (see, anon? I double-checked and made corrections) at the ready to confront him if Simmons was of a less "color-arousing" skin tone? I suspect this story would have had a much different ending if Simmons was a young white American male.

    Now, I don't have a beef with anonymous comments, except when they're used to facilitate drive-by sniping, "race realism" and other such foolishness. Some blogs welcome these comments as examples of how the Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory comes into play every single day. Not this one.

    All comments are welcome, as long as they're within reason and posted in accordance with the House Rules.