• The Stench From The House Jim Robinson Built.

    Remember that long-running thread from Something Awful highlighting the epic stench of stupidity and failed aspirations emanating from the lovely Free Republic? It's still going on strong, with twice the stupid, twice the bigotry and double your daily recommended amount of Vitamin Asshole™. FReepers (not to be confused with the far more admirable Detroit Free Press or "Freep") have proven to be a hardy breed, even during the challenging "dark age" (hehe) that is the Obama Administration. Sadly, all signs of a white lord and savior have proven to be for naught this election period, especially since perennial asshole Newt Gingrich's chances of being the GOP's designated golden boy are as good as Rick Santorum's.

    For a moment, imagine the House That Jim Robinson Built as an old and decrepit rancher built back in the 1950s with peeling vinyl siding and droopy gutters. The lawn seems manicured to a tee, until you run across the various weeds that've been cut down instead of uprooted. Rusted burn barrels and car doors litter the backyard. The backyard itself is bare in most spots and littered with brass casings. A half-finished bunker is out there somewhere, but you dare not climb over the fence to look for it. Parked nearby are various full-size American trucks in various states of disrepair. Out front near the garage is a newish Toyota with a huge American flag screenprint on the window and a "Don't You Fucking Re-Nig" sticker on the bumper. The windows are either boarded up or simply covered in dust, dirt and grime.

    You reach the front door and eye the sign informing you of your impending demise if you're black, Mexican, gay or a Democrat supporter. Open the door and you're confronted by a noxious stench that incapacitates people from the next county over. It's a hoarder's paradise. You brush past tall stacks of years old newspapers, gun magazines and printed emails featuring cartoons poking fun at Bill Clinton and Al Gore. You clamber over mountains of sweat and shit-stained clothes. You step gingerly over piss puddles, rotted food, empty Viagra and Cialis bottles and cat shit. Lots and lots of cat shit. There are empty dog food cans littered all over the place, but no dog. Ol' Nagger's been dead for years now.

    The kitchen has stack after stack of dishes piled up, all dirty and unwashed since 1999. The fridge does not work. Of course it doesn't work. Part of a skinned deer carcass stands in the corner, rotten and maggot ridden. You pass another room that's filled with guns, laid out carefully on a nearby bed. The guns are well taken care of and there's stack after stack of ammo in the corner, with more out back in a shed.

    You approach the bedroom located at the back of the house. Hunched over a Gateway 2000 desktop is a FReeper, personified as a morbidly obese man. An old USMC cap covers his shaved head and a well-worn inhaler administers medication for his severe asthma. The room is enveloped in a foul cascade of shit, sweat, pit odor and failure. A nearby printer slowly pounds out an image of Michelle Obama in a mammy outfit and Barack Obama in a butler suit, both serving a perky-titted Sarah Palin and a massively corpulent Rush Limbaugh. The ghost of Ronald Reagan looks on with approval while an American eagle sheds a single tear. You can barely see the Free Republic board through the green-tinted CRT monitor. You notice something on the man's plate. It vaguely looks like...dog food?

    You quietly back away from the horrors in front of you, only to trip over an ill-placed copy of "Guns and Ammo" and land face first into a puddle of goddamned cat piss. You rouse the FReeper. He's pissed. He picks up something, but that something isn't one of the many guns in his collection. No, it's two dead cats, each fitted with...viking helmets? He starts swinging wildly. You clamber over the magazines, the rank clothes, the old newspapers, desperate to find a way out of this miserable hell. You reach the door and it's...locked? You turn around and it's just you, the FReeper and the makeshift dead cat nun-chucks he dubs the "Viking Kitties..."

    Let's cut away from that highly unpleasant imagery and begin examining two examples of abject stupidity, the first representing blatant bigotry that's been coded for your pleasure (but just barely):

    The simple solution would be for them to go to Africa, just “go”, live in a mud hut, breed and figure out how to kill each other. They sure as hell don’t belong in a civilized world.
    I’ll chip in boat fare.

    The above plays into the "All Blacks Are Savages™" theme while satisfying the "exotic creature/dangerous creature" prerequisites. The dehumanization effect is already built in, fortified by the rock-solid assumption that all blacks are criminal in nature and thus forth undeserving of any human treatment. So of course, the best way to deal with that pesky "black problem" is to ship them "back" to their "homeland." After all, it's where their ancestors got them, right? Doesn't matter which country on the African continent, they all look alike. *chortle*

    Funny how these folks think problems can be solved by shipping them off. Negro gets uppity? Ship him downriver to another owner. Indians on "your" land? Have the U.S. government ship them off somewheres. Daughter gets diddled by Uncle Ted? Ship her off to relatives or a boarding school. She's pregnant? Ship the baby off to an orphanage. Baby's half-black? Say, where did that Negro get off to...

    Nevermind two asshats who think their problems can be solved with man-sized crates and a UPS label. The following is perhaps the most blatant sympathizing for the ultimate personification of failure and victimhood: the Confederacy:

    Lincoln was a Tyrant and a Atheist who used just enough phrases from the Bible to sound Christian. The South did not start a Insurrection against the Federal government but instead tried to leave the US and they started their own government!

    Lincoln was the Poster Child for Adolf Hitler. The Nazi’s studied Lincoln’s war against the South to learn how to overthrow a government yet seemingly keeping the people from knowing they were destroying their own government.

    Show me one instance were a Southerner tried to take over the US government! You can’t because it never happened!

    The deaths of nearly 750,000 people and the dislocation of nearly 500,000 more rest solely on Lincoln’s head! He may not of killed as many people as Hitler but his war plans were the blueprint that Hitler used in Germany and against other countries.

    In essence, Lincoln was a tyrant for putting an end to the tragicomedy that was the Confederacy. In preserving the Union, he became worse than Hitler, Tojo and William Tecumseh Sherman combined. The deaths of those 750,000 rest solely atop the man's stovepipe hat and not within the hands of men who thought succession was a wonderful idea.

    BTW, let's ignore attempts by pro-slavery figures to induct more slave states into the Union prior to the Confederate clusterfuck.

    Amazing how Confederate fans can wrap themselves up in pity, victimhood and delusion, something those same individuals constantly chastise black Americans for supposedly doing*. The Free Republic is chock-full of these nuts and I tip my hat to the folks at SA for not only making this happen, but also for having the courage and intestinal fortitude to provide (paying) viewers with a front-row seat to the Saddest Spectacle on Earth™. It's like a Gallagher show, only you have a two old, grizzled white guys spraying pressurized shit from a septic truck onto the audience. Have your rain coat, umbrella and a match handy.

    *You see, blacks "whine" while Confederate symps merely "air out their grievances." Nope, there's no double standard here...