• Asshole Backlash.

    "...when the left wants to pretend they have no sense of humor, they are excellent at it. Yesterday in the riff about it, 'Okay, okay, fine. If we're gonna pay for this, at least let us have something for it. How about some sex videos?' If anybody doesn't realize that we are illustrating absurdity here by being absurd and that that is the trademark of this program ... But oh, no! 'Oh, of everything else you've said, that's the lowest of the low. Demanding sex video? Who do you think you are?' Lighten up. I remember using that phrase all the way back in 1989: Lighten up."
    "...now, at the end of this week, I am the person that the women of AMERICA are to fear the most. What can I do to the women of AMERICA? Do I have the power to raise their taxes? I do not. Do I have the power to regulate their behavior? I do not. Do I have the power to make health care decisions for them? I do not. Do I have the power to withhold birth control pills from them? I do not. Do I have the power to audit their tax returns? I do not. Do I have the power to take their little four-year-old kindergarten student's lunch and throw it away and make 'em eat something else? I do not. Do I have the power to look into their personal life and leak the information to the media? I do not. Is there one bit of freedom that I can deny them? Can I raise their taxes? They want to blame me as being the person they should fear, when in fact the people doing all these things I just said I have no power to do, the DEMOCRAT PARTY (sic) is doing."
    Rush Limbaugh remains the grand champion when it comes to unleashing one's inner asshole for both money and media fame. I forgot to add in the previous blog post that there's yet another way to neutralize an asshole: hit the asshole in his wallet. Or in Rush's case, his show's advertisers.

    Countless people took to Twitter and petitioned companies that bought airtime on Rushbo to pull their ads in protest. So far, several advertisers were convinced to pull their ads from the Rush Limbaugh radio program, including:
    Nevertheless, Rushbo remains resolute in both his willingness to remain an asshole and his unwillingness to offer an apology to Sandra Fluke. Even after finding out the president called to give his support to Fluke, Rushbo decided to take the piss on both with this lovely tidbit from Politico:
    And as he discovered while on the air that Obama had called Fluke, Limbaugh mocked their exchange. “Aw. That is so compassionate! What a great guy,” Limbaugh said. “The president called her to make sure she’s okay. What is she, 30 years old? Thirty years old, a student at Georgetown law who admits to having so much sex that she can’t afford it anymore.”

    Later on the show, the radio host laced into the president for telling Fluke that her parents should be proud of her.

    “Your daughter appears before a congressional committee and says she’s having so much sex, she can’t pay for it and wants a new welfare program to pay for it. Would you be proud? I don’t know about you, but I’d be embarrassed. I’d disconnect the phone. I’d go into hiding and hope the media didn’t find me,” Limbaugh said.
    I'd ask if it's too much for Rushbo to just shut the fuck up, but I find it more entertaining to see the ol' pillhead dig himself in the hole that much deeper.

    By the way, thanks to Redeye's diligence in locating contacts to Rushbo's biggest sponsors and paymasters, I was reminded that Clear Channel, the radio channel hosting the Rush Limbaugh show, is currently owned by Bain Capital. You know, the company founded and run in part by none other than Mitt Robot Romney.

    Speaking of assholes, not only has District Judge Richard Cebull apologized to the president for getting caught forwarding the infamous "Obama dog" email, but he's also calling for an investigation...on himself:
    U.S. District Judge Richard Cebull says he will apologize to President Obama and ask for a panel of judges to investigate his conduct after a Montana newspaper reported he had sent a racially inflammatory message using his courthouse email account last month.