• Newt Gingrich Wins South Carolina Primary.

    Courtesy of Associated Press

    As it turns out, damn-near bursting your lungs on the dog whistles is what wins primaries in South Carolina, because that's exactly what Newton Leroy just did. Gingrich ran away with over 40% of the vote, leaving Mitt Romney sucking wind at just over 27%, Santorum at 17.4% and Ron Paul dead last at just 13%. Amazing how telling an easily color-aroused group of people exactly what they wanted to hear can land a win right in your lap.

    I half-assedly alluded to how Newt would probably win in S.C., and he did. Now, the next prediction should have a bit more conviction in it, so I'll go ahead and say he'll fall hard in Florida. Slightly different mindset down there, plus Santorum and Romney will work hard to make sure he doesn't run away with another win. Besides, if Newt does win in Florida, it'll put the GOP establishment in full-on panic mode. After all, Newt was never their pre-ordained Golden Boy™ - Mittens was.