• Showing Their True Colors.

    Courtesy of Examiner.com

    Damn. Looks like someone just couldn't hold it in any longer. For those wondering, Jules Manson is a California libertarian who recently tried for, and lost, a bid for a seat on Carson, CA's city council. Judging from this, you wouldn't have to wonder why. Extreme Color-Aroused Emotion, Ideation and Behavior Disorder (ECEIBD) strikes once again!

    I'm not surprised by this type of outburst. Ever since someone broached the idea of Obama running for president, there have been scores of people just dying to verbally unload (nevermind with actual firearms) on Obama with this kind of color aroused racial rhetoric. Many people simply cannot cope with the idea of a black man being in any sort of position of power or strength, unless it is contained and wielded for the exclusive interests of white America. Explains why you see so many black football players, few black coaches, and no black owners. Many people cannot cope with a black president of the United States of America. It just goes against everything they were indoctrinated and programmed to believe about black Americans and others of color.

    My one biggest fear is that someone, somewhere will finally lose their fucking mind and attempt to assassinate the president, his wife and/or his children. If that happens, race relations won't just be set back - they'll get punched in its collective face and kneed in the jewels. That's the last thing this nation needs.

    I've also noticed how libertarians seem to have this rather racist bent for being people on the liberal side of the political equation. If it wasn't the reflexive civil libertarian-led shitfest on Balloon Juice that had undertones of putting a black blogger "in her place" over the NDAA*, it was the brief, recent conversation I had regarding Ron Paul's photo op with Don Black, founder of Stormfront.org. And now it's this. I'm convinced there's something in the water those libertarians are swigging down.

    Hopefully, the Secret Service is keeping an eye on this loon. Yeah, people think words are just words, but words can be put into action, and that's something no one wants to see in this case.

    *Seriously, people are losing their fucking minds over Obama's impending signature of the National Defense Authorization Act into law, to the point of sheer fucking insanity. Nevermind the bill has 1)none of the provisions that'd make the current fears du jour possible (American citizens being locked up indefinitely) and 2)several provisions that fund the entirety of the U.S. military that can't be vetoed without serious repercussions for Obama. When 1) was finally realized, the goalposts were moved, this time with outrage focused on indefinite detentions, period. *smdh*