• Gene Marks Still Doesnt Get It.

    Remember when I talked about one of the big benefits of White Privilege in a prior post concerning this guy? Well, here's a sterling example of feigned cluelessness, seasoned with a light sprinkling of tonedeafness and a just a touch of smug "I know better than you, trust me":

    Hi Baratunde,

    Thanks for your piece – I thought it raised great points and continued the discussion. I wish you success with your new book too. And I read The Onion every day.

    What do I know about being a "poor black kid?" Absolutely nothing. I'm a middle class white guy. But I went to school. So I know about that. And I'm in the business of technology. So I know about that.

    How can any inner city kid even have the chance to overcome the inequality that our President spoke about and have a chance at some opportunity?

    1. Study hard and get good grades.

    2. Use technology to help you get good grades.

    3. Apply to the best schools you can.

    4. Get help from a school's guidance counselor.

    5. Learn a good skill. This is what I said in my blog. I said this wasn't easy. It's brutally hard. And, unfortunately, it's not funny.

    Will any of these kids read what I wrote in Forbes? Probably not. I'm hoping that educators, bloggers and most importantly parents do. Because it will be very tough for any kid to do it alone.


    Gene Marks

    He's learned nothing. Nothing about the underlying causes that undermine scholastic achievement - poor schools, shitty teachers, lack of available mentoring or guidance, lack of resources and most important of all, parents who sometimes can't give their kids the jump-start they need to get on the road of scholastic achievement...and some parents just don't care.

    But no, let's just rephrase the same shit you've already said, without any introspection or perspective whatsoever.

    It would be harsh of me to call Gene Marks a "dumbfuck" over this, but considering how I recently put my foot in someone's ass on Twitter recently, I no longer hold such reservations about doing such.

    So Gene Marks, you are a goddamned dumbfuck.

    That is all.