• Strong Support For Obama, But No Love For The GOP.

    Some people are still figuring out why black Americans still have President Obama's back, even after all of the economic turmoil and manufactured disappointment that the GOP hoped would turn black folks sour on him. They're also wondering why black Americans absolutely refuse to vote GOP, no matter how many black bodies they push onstage for the old shuck, jive and jig.

    Perhaps it's the fact that black Americans see something in the GOP that other people just can't seem to see, and of course, they don't like what they see.

    They see a collection of individuals who have little to no interest in the well-being of the poor, disadvantaged and downtrodden in this country. Just a collection of men and women who see themselves as the new American aristocracy, promoting economic and social policies that are designed to keep them in billions and trillions of hard-earned taxpayer dollars while distracting their deluded constituents with ethnic scrap fights and fear-based politicking.

    And for this, blacks are often accused of being on the "Democrat plantation," possibly because the GOP sees them as a captive source of guaranteed votes. The GOP wishes they could have something like that -- the dyed-in-the-wool Deep South-style bigot vote isn't as reliable and it tends to turn moderates and swing voters off like nothing else. The GOP really, REALLY wants that black vote.

    And black Americans refuse to give it to them. Which, of course, makes them "slaves." Infantile, servile slaves to the pinko commiecrats who steadfastly refuse to "think for themselves" and join the GOP like good little Negros. Besides, they have their own stable of fellow Negros, and you know how those Negros like to vote for other Negros just because they're Negros...

    I bet the GOP figures that if they could at least split the black vote, they could use whatever moderates and swing voters they have lying around to shore up the guaranteed 27% crazy/Teabag vote...wait, you mean there are some Deep South-style bigots out there who just won't vote for a black American, no matter his party affiliation? Might be a bit of a problem there.

    As far as the GOP is concerned, you are allowed to think for yourself, just as long as those thoughts are in accordance to GOP party doctrine. Blacks are more than welcome to join up with the GOP, just as long as they are on their best behavior and do nothing to either upset the established white power structure within or push their own interests too hard, especially if it happens to conflict with GOP tenets. Cain recognizes this, which is why he makes sure he always remains on the good side of the Teabaggers, working-class whites with an ingrained lack of tolerance for "uppity" black types and other party makers and breakers.

    A lot of the so-called "villagers" or "Cocktail Party Liberals" were screaming about how disappointed they were in Obama for not giving everything they wanted on a silver platter, right then and there. They chortled when they thought Obama's support among his constituents was cratering and they advocated replacing him with candidates that passed their "purity" tests. As much as I like Elizabeth Warren, there's no way she's even thinking about being anywhere near the Democrat candidacy.

    Despite what these folks think, the numbers surrounding President Obama's 2012 campaign suggests he still has a groundswell of support from Democrats, with most of those donations coming from the penny ante < $100 contributions from ordinary citizens.

    Remember when Jane Hamsher called Obama's staunchest supporters "the dumbest motherfuckers in the world"? That was the "Cocktail Party Left" speaking. I suppose she was afraid of being shut out of the D.C. and NYC cocktail party circuits in coming GOP administrations, so she came claws-out against Obama.

    Hamsher has a lengthy history of pulling crap like this. I suppose that why I find her and other "Cocktail Party Liberals" and "Professional Left" unappealing, uninteresting and generally not worth mentioning.