• Occupying Everywhere.

    Courtesy of Associated Press

    The movement that started on Wall Street is now spreading to L.A., New Orleans, Portland, Philadelphia, Boston, etc,. It's a beautiful thing. The biggest concern about the movement was a seeming lack of a coherent and unified message. Personally speaking, I think it's finally found one with "I am the 99%." It's a neat summation of the wealthy few vs. populous poor and middle-class dynamic that's central to our current socioeconomic woes. The 99% are getting fed up with being squeezed and jerked around by 1 percenters.

    Read this and prepare to shed tears. You can feel the pain and desperation these people are going through, just through reading. And there's a lot more of these folks out there in the same position.

    Check the #OWS and #OccupyWallStreet search feeds on Twitter whenever you can.