• Going Galt.

    In protest of the presence of the "Kenyan Marxist Occupier in Chief" in the Oval Office and his desire to impose socialist measures such as "Obamacare" on the hapless American people by dictatorial decree, business owner and Tea Party supporter Melissa Brookstone is going on strike!

    But she won't be toting picket signs in front of her own place of business or taking bus trips to D.C. to protest against the Brownish Usurper. Instead, she resolves not to hire a single person until Obama and the Democrats concede defeat in the war against her businesses and others throughout the U.S. And she's encouraging her fellow Teabaggers to join her!

    Too bad she'd probably fire her employees if they ever decided to go on strike. And with jobs being few and far between, people who are lucky to have them can ill afford to lose them over a strike. Seems like the only people who can afford to dabble in workers' rights are the people with the power to hire and fire others, and rest assured they're not doing this on behalf of those who need jobs, no matter what they say to the contrary.

    Remember kids, don't grow up to be commie scum liberal scum! Tea Party good, liberal scum bad!
    Remind your parents to be good little sheep and vote Republican.
    Pull up those bootstraps!