• Enemies Of My Enemies.

    The Lord's Resistance Army. Sounds like a cut-rate garage band or a Christian-themed electronics club. In reality, its a guerrilla group based in Central Africa with a knack for kidnapping, conscripting, indoctrinating and raping children, among the usual killings, maiming and other acts of terrorism and debauchery. The leader, Joseph Kony, is a certified nutcase with a messiah complex, a knack for "channeling spirits" and overall bloodlust. In short, this guy's one evil motherfucker.

    Not it matters much to Rush Limbaugh, who doesn't mind any of what's going on just as long as the LRA continues to be focused, in his mind, on killing muslims. "The enemy of my enemy is my friend" and whatnot. Which makes ol' Rushbo one morally bankrupt motherfucker. Not that his own narcissistic, tone-deaf tendencies would allow him to recognize how morally bankrupt it is to support a group that fancies delivering pain, misery, death and sheer horror to countless thousands of African victims.

    Rushbo was a bit miffed at Obama's plan for intervention by sending 100 U.S. troops into Uganda to assist in finding and capturing Kony and others. The portly pill-popping pontificator claimed Obama was really targeting Christians by getting rid of Kony's kooky ass.

    Kony's just as much of a terrorist as the people behind Al Qaeda are, except they happen to purport themselves as "Christians." Oh, and they're probably the wrong color, too.