• Conservative Humor.

    Conservatives have some weird ideas about what constitutes humor. Humor's supposed to be light-hearted, self-depreciating and most of all, genuinely funny. Instead, conservatives have a knack for creating bitter shtick that makes no one but their own equally bitter audience laugh. Everyone else kinda groans and start heading for the exits. Or the bar.

    Very much like seeing this nearly made me find the nearest liquor cabinet, and I don't even drink.

    This is what passes for humor in the conservative world. Courtesy of the Loudoun County Republican Committee, as a part of an mass email. Among the images of zombies and a nightmare fuel Nancy Pelosi, we have President Barack Obama, portrayed as a zombie with a rather large hole in his head, suggested to be a gunshot wound. We all know the message being sent here.

    First off, I thought zombies' heads exploded upon their acquaintance with jacketed projectiles. And besides, the best weapon for a zombie offense is a shotgun. This wound looks like it was made with a large caliber handgun, probably one of those damn-near-useless .500 caliber phallic showpieces.

    Welp, the Republican Party of Virginia is out in front of the story with the usual "We don't condone this crap" spin. If it sounds like I'm being dismissive, just keep in mind how well people tend to behave when they're thrown in CYA mode.

    There's something about conservatism that makes for crappy comedy. I guess being bitter gun clingers does no favors for the funny bone.