• General Musings on 9/11 and Troy Davis.


    Everyone knows 9/11 was a genuine tragedy. We all know this. Even the dog would know it if he was told so for the past 10 years. It will be a while before this event passes from a genuine tragedy that resides in the living memory of most, if not all Americans to a faint historical event found in history books that pops up every once in a while as a trivia question.

    The impending execution of Troy Davis is also a genuine tragedy. Taking another human being's life is always a tragedy on some level, more so if that person may be innocent of the crimes that landed him or her on Death Row. When a human being finds himself staring down a state-sanctioned death for a crime where there was no DNA evidence, no fingerprints, no murder weapon, recantations from nearly all of the witnesses at trial and a state's witness pointing the finger at another person as the true culprit, yet the courts still want to see you die, it passes from the realm of tragedy and straight into the arena of farce.

    Troy Davis' fate appears similar to that of Cameron Todd Willingham, possibly wrongfully executed for setting a fire that killed his three children. That was back in 2004, but even today the State of Texas is loath to fully investigate Willingham's innocence, if only to keep Gov. Ricky Goodhair looking good and un-mussed for his presidential campaign. It may take years or even decades before someone finally decides Troy Davis was innocent, after all. Of course, it'll be much too late to truly matter, then.

    Forget this being a farce. This is pure, unmitigated bullshit.