• The Dreaded "R-word."

    I'm constantly amazed at how conservatives have mastered the art of hyperbole. And here's an example of it in an archived comments section over at Balloon Juice:

    “50 years ago you shouted nigger, 30 years ago you talked about States Rights, now you ask to see the president’s birth certificate.”

    The response?

    4 years in the future the standard for being a racist will be you voted against Obama.

    That's right, Paul L. -- you're automatically a racist if you didn't kiss a black man's ass...oh wait, that's the new meme conservatives are going with these days?

    That's very interesting, the whole premise that the "R-word" has taken on as much power as the "N-word" and that uttering the former is a social "kiss of death" to those described. In normal language, the word is used to describe someone who is engaged in ethnically insensitive actions, thoughts and language -- for conservatives who tend to perform all three on a comically constant basis, this is one bridge too far. Therefore, the whole idea is to make racially tone-deaf white people so fed up with being called "racist" for "every little thing" that they revolt by embracing unabashedly "white friendly" groups and organizations, with the eventual goal to field politically viable candidates that fit their ideals and the chance to finally shut those nigg...ahem...strip the power of the "R-word" from blacks and liberals.

    Now juxtapose this with the ongoing campaign for whites to claim "N-word privileges" because blacks use a variant of the word in everyday speech ("Nigga"). People can't have it both ways.

    Once upon a time, whites could call a black man a "boy" or a "Nigger" and he would just have to sit there and take it, not only because he was one as far as that white guy was concerned, but because the full weight of white society back then would beat his nigger ass until he was dead, or at least wished he was. Such idyllic times those were.

    Some people are seeking a return to those times because they can't find an ethnic group that would tolerate being berated and beaten up without putting up a fight. Others because they miss being in their underroos watching Captain Kangeroo in front of the TV, without a care in the world. 

    A new threat's being hung over the head of blacks and other ethnic groups: "Call us racists one too many times and we'll fucking revolt. We'll show you what being 'racist' is really about and make your lives fucking miserable because of it." I'm not about to guess if these clowns are selling woof tickets again -- in a short while, I hope to gain some steel for protecting me and mines.