• "Have Some Respect."

    The above is part of a parting shot and a plea from West Indian broadcaster and writer Darcus Howe, who was understandably at the end of his rope when faced with what appears to be a stupid, stupid little prat of a BBC reporter.

    Listen to the way she continuously insinuates that he approves of this violence and that he actively participated in it. Stupid, stupid little cunt, that one.

    And a "gem" of a comment from one YouTube denizen:

    I wish to know how burning and tearing down of businesses and homes of innocent people can be justifed and how on earth such an action could ever make a change for the better. Ok people are struggling and have no jobs, but why wreck the businesses that, as they grow, will provide new jobs. The riots have gone beyond any politics, its just careless animals causing damage because they can.
    It's what happens when people become frustrated. And one way or another, they're gonna have an outlet for their frustration. Not excusing the level of destruction or violence that's occurred, but it's a bit tone-deaf of someone to pontificate about how people are being "careless animals" while ignoring or brushing aside the underlying reasons of why the rioting happened in the first place.

    The riots in Tottenham, London are still ongoing, as far as I can tell from news media.

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