• Well Deserved Ass-Whuppin' or Plain Thuggish Behavior? Your Call.

    This comes courtesy of Booker Rising and one "Mr. Ref".

    As I understand so far, the gentleman who gets his shit kicked in was supposed to look after the business while the proprietor (the gentleman executing the shit-kicking) was away on unknown business. Instead, the gentleman elected to conduct illegal activity (drug sales) out of the establishment. When questioned about it, the gentleman seemed to effect relatively little remorse. And apparently that was all the proprietor could stand.

    Part of me says this ass whipping was long-coming, thanks to the braided-up gent jeopardizing this man's livelihood and liberty by slinging dope in the man's shop. Part of me says this man shouldn't have lost his composure and instead just shown young buck the door, with a strong warning to NOT come back, if he valued his life.

    At the end, a little kid asks if he can go outside and see his daddy finish up the beatdown. And his mother responds "No, you don't want to see that baby..."

    No one should, but it happens.